Stikers and kits


Safety stickers and pictograms:

Safety stickers are a fundamental requirement mandated by the law for all industrial and agricultural machinery. These stickers play a crucial role in warning and raising awareness among users and anyone in the vicinity of the equipment about the need to exercise maximum caution during machine operation.

Resin-Coated Stickers:

Resin-coated stickers become much more than simple labels; they take on a three-dimensional form, adding an unexpected touch of versatility. They are available in a wide range of options (white, colored, reflective backgrounds) and can be customized with any desired image or graphics.

Pre-Spaced Adhesive Application Tape:

Pre-spaced adhesive decals can come equipped with a film that facilitates correct application, making the process more straightforward. These decals are available in a variety of monochromatic and colored options and can be customized with the desired graphics.

Reflective stickers

Reflective stickers offer a significant impact and can be used to enhance visibility. However, they don’t stop at just that; they are also used to add creativity to logos, machinery names, or simple decorations for a high-impact effect.

3D Thermoformed Stickers:

3D Thermoformed Stickers involve the deformation of different layers of material, using a specially made mold to achieve the desired shape of the product. This technique is particularly appreciated when high-quality chrome or metallic finishes are required. 3D thermoformed stickers are much more dynamic compared to traditional flat stickers and offer extensive flexibility in terms of shape, color, and size, catering to specific needs.

Kit Stickers:

Stickers and kits, customized with our “smart assembly” system optimize your warehouse supply and storage while reducing the risks of errors and labor times for your staff. They are particularly suitable for those who need to perform application work on large machine parks or for mass-produced products.

Leografic Stickers and Sticker Kits:

Stikers and Kits The ideal product for the customization and safety of industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, and vehicles.
Crafted using advanced technologies and high-quality materials, our stickers are resilient to weather damage and the harshest environmental conditions. They are also resistant to contact with non-corrosive oils, lubricants, and chemicals.
We offer a wide range of labels, including safety pictograms, walkable and decorative stickers, in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.
Thanks to in-house design, graphic adaptation, and production, we can oversee the entire production cycle and ensure our customers receive a product and service of the highest quality.


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