Stikers and kits


Leografic stickers and kits are the ideal solution for customising and improving the safety of industrial machinery, agricultural equipment and motor vehicles.
Manufactured using advanced technologies and high quality materials, our decals are weather resistant, able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and resistant to contact with non-corrosive oils, lubricants and chemicals.
We offer a wide range of labels, including safety pictograms, floor and decorative stickers, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.
With in-house design, graphics and production capabilities, we maintain control of the entire manufacturing process, ensuring our customers receive a quality product and excellent customer service.
We also offer customised kits that use our intelligent assembly system to optimise delivery and storage in your warehouse, while reducing the risk of errors and minimising the time spent by application staff.
Choosing Leografic decals and kits means choosing a high quality product made with advanced technologies and durable materials to personalise and improve the safety of your machines.
We are here to help you find the best solution for your needs.
For more information, quotes and personalised advice, please fill in the information form and one of our representatives will contact you.