Techniques and Technologies


At Leografic, we constantly invest in new technologies and machinery to offer innovative printing, production in line with market demands, and cutting-edge solutions. Our production area covers an area of 2000 square meters, where we produce prints of any format.

Printing Techniques

Different types of printing and an infinite variety of substrates and surfaces. Years of experience, creativity and an open and flexible attitude allow us to be one of the few companies able to respond quickly and positively to any project.

At Leografic, we like to create, experiment and always meet our customers’ expectations.

This is why we do not limit ourselves to a single technique, but are able to offer customised processes using and mixing several printing techniques in a single project.


Adhesives and resin-coated adhesives.

Durable materials, plastics and forex

semi-durable materials and multi-material

paper and cardboard processing

All natural and synthetic fabrics

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