Our mission is to ensure excellence in the quality and safety of our products/services.
The certifications we have obtained are clear evidence of a commitment that embodies the core values on which our company is based: quality, efficiency and responsibility.

They represent an unequivocal commitment to transparency and trust, both towards our customers and towards our employees, thus reinforcing our credibility.

They guide us in our strict compliance with strict regulatory requirements and help us to create a safe and sustainable working environment.

A commitment that does not end with ensuring the quality of our products/services, but also extends to protecting the environment by adopting practices and processes that allow us to operate in a more environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

quality policy

LEOGRAFIC S.R.L. has established a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements expressed by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
The primary goal is to provide all our customers with professional services that comply with the agreed requirements, perfectly suited to meet their needs.
The professionalism, the quality of the services provided, the constant trend towards improvement and continuous technological innovation are the strengths of our business activity in the sectors of SCREEN PRINTING and DIGITAL PRINTING.

Our general objectives are:

  • The total orientation to customer satisfaction;
  • The reduction of costs attributable to “non-quality”;
  • The commitment to improve the sensitivity, the spirit of collaboration and the attention of all staff and external professionals to quality aspects;
  • Close collaboration with our suppliers, especially those of materials, to expand and improve the range of products and services offered and increase competitiveness on the market;
  • The utmost attention to the management of human resources;
  • The utmost attention to the management and constant updating of infrastructures
  • Great attention to environmental issues and careful energy management

Specific objectives are instead defined and constantly reviewed through the monitoring of appropriate indicators and are determined by a continuous commitment to promote and disseminate the mentality of continuous improvement, to improve the overall efficiency of the design, production and professional level process, to respect the regulations in force, to respect the specifications provided by the Customer, to obtain the pre-established quality levels, to sensitize, train and systematically update the staff and partners.
The quality of our services is always the result of our commitment, professional capacity, and the organization that must guarantee safety, reliability, completeness and quality of the services offered.

Given these assumptions, the company undertakes to:

  • Define clear and measurable objectives at the beginning of each year;
  • Analyze the monitoring indices identified in order to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes;
  • Periodically check the adequacy of its policy to the objectives identified by the Management;
  • Verify the results achieved and promote improvement actions;
  • Carry out a periodic analysis of internal and external non-conformities;
  • Carry out an analysis of the number, severity and validity of customer complaints
  • Respect the mandatory legislation, especially that relating to the safety of workers in the workplace;
  • Involve all the personnel and the external professional figures concerned, through training and training meetings and encouraging any initiative aimed at improving the quality and the work itself;
  • Share and communicate company policy and philosophy at all company levels, to the main external collaborators and to the most important customers;
  • Maintain constant attention to processes, in particular those that are connected simultaneously to the dimensions of quality, safety and the environment.

the Management is directly responsible for the complete application of the quality management system and periodically promotes its review to ascertain its suitability.

loghi certificazione iso9001


ISO 50001 certification is a key element of a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

This international standard provides a rigorous framework for implementing an effective energy management system that enables energy performance to be identified, monitored and continuously improved.

With ISO 50001, an organisation can reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs and minimise the environmental impact of its operations.

This not only allows us to operate in a more sustainable manner, but also enables us to offer our customers products/services with a reduced environmental footprint, demonstrating our commitment to a greener and more responsible future.

loghi iso 50001 certificazione

gots certification

Achieving the prestigious GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is a concrete demonstration of LEOGRAFIC S.R.L.’s commitment to ensuring environmentally and socially responsible production.

This international standard provides a robust and rigorous regulatory framework to guide operations in the textile printing industry, ensuring full compliance with the strict criteria of sustainability and social responsibility.

The international relevance of GOTS certification greatly simplifies the process of accessing different markets by providing a single, universally accepted reference standard.

GOTS focuses on unifying the standards required for certification approval of raw materials and processes on a global scale, reducing the cost and complexity of compliance.

GOTS-certified products carry a guarantee of organic origin, which means they have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. In addition, GOTS certification attests to the protection of the health, safety and rights of workers, with social criteria and ethical business practices as essential requirements.

Adherence to these criteria not only guarantees product quality, but also demonstrates a commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and respect for human rights throughout the supply chain.

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