Detail of public contributions pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 125, of law no. 124

LenderContribution receivedCausal
Agenzia delle Entrate5.124Non-repayable grant for Covid-19 emergency
Agenzia delle Entrate compensazione 202013.044Credit compensation for research and development year 2018
Agenzia delle Entrate 1.900Credit for sanitation and purchase of PPE
Contributo nuova Sabatini7.263Share pertaining to 2020: 4,844
Agenzia delle Entrate6.626Cancellation of Irap 2019 balance and first 2020 deposit

The Company also benefited in 2020:
– the redundancy fund.
– of the Guarantee of the fund on a special section – art. 56 DL 18/2020 (direct guarantee);
– of the SME Guarantee Fund State Aid SA. 59966 (2020 / N),
– POR FESR 14-20 – Umbria Region – Interventions to support micro and small enterprises for innovation;
– the Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises Law 662/96

For information regarding State aid and de minimis aid contained in the National Register (RNA section – Transparency Aid), please refer to what is reported in this register which can be consulted at the following link, by inserting the Company’s tax code: https: // www.

Internationalization project “Digital promotion on foreign markets” realized with the contribution POR FESR 2014 – 2020 AXIS III ACTION 3.3.1 Public warning voucher 2020