Promotional signs

PROMOTIONAL SIGNS FOR EVENTS Cartelli in polionda Cartelli in Polionda Cartelli in Polionda To make the most of your event, you need to rely on high quality, large format signage. At Leografic, we specialise in printing billboards, signs, flags and other products for all types of events.

Promotional Event Merchandise

MERCHANDISE FOR EVENTS, TRADE FAIRS AND CONFERENCES Tazza Personalizzata Evento Asciugamano Personalizzato Evento Lynard con Card T-shirt promozionale evento Cuscino per seduta da stadio Sciarpa Per Tifoso T-shirt per staff evento Gilet per staff evento T-shirt evento Nastro Azzurro Event merchandising is a key element when organising large events. At Leografic, thanks to our consolidated […]

Printed Materials and bound products

All Stampati // Stampati Folder a 3 ante // Stampati Folder a 2 ante // Stampati Raccoglitore ad anelli // Stampati Calendari da tavolo // Stampati Calendari da muro // Stampati Cataloghi rilegati a mano // Stampati Cartella con alette // Stampati Cataloghi ad anelli con schede PRINTED MATERIALS AND BOUND PRODUCTS Leografic’s bespoke printed […]

Clothing for Cosmetics Sector

Pettorine antimacchia e decolorazione Divise per estetista divise per SPA ed estetica CLOTHING FOR COSMETICS SECTOR Clothing for the beauty and cosmetic industry, ideal for beauticians, hairdressers and SPA operators. We offer a wide range of technical garments that are suitable for washing with disinfectant detergents and that can be personalised with digital printing, silk-screen […]

customised shopping bags

Shopper in plastica Shopper in carta naturale Shopper in cartotecnica Shopper in polipropilene CUSTOMISED SHOPPING BAGS Customised shopping bags are the ideal way to effectively communicate and promote your brand. Our wide range of shopping bags are perfect for packaging your customers’ purchases or for use at trade shows and events. We manufacture our products […]

Shopping Bags

Borsa Organica personalizzata Shopper in plastica Shopper in carta naturale Shopper in cartotecnica Shopper in cartotecnica Shopper in polipropilene shopper in cotone Shopper cartotecnica shopper in Tnt SHOPPING BAGS tHE shopping bag is the ideal tool for effective communication and promotion of youR brand. Our wide range of carrier bags are perfect for use as […]

Promotional Items

Kit Gadget Promozionali Laynard Portachiavi Foulard stampati kit gadget promozionali orologio da parete portachiavi stampati e resinati kit gadget promozionali penne personalizzate in materiale biologico Chiavette usb personalizzate Tappetini per mouse Apribottiglie brandizzato promotional items PROMOTIONAL ITEMS are the ideal way to effectively communicate and promote your brand. Perfect for customer giveaways or for use […]

Promotional Set Ups

Frigo Vetrine brandizzate Frigo vetrina brandizzata Isola Promozionale Isola Promozionale Isola Promozionale Allestimento vetrina Frigorifero Brandizzato Vetrofania Punto vendita Testata Scaffale Pallet Cover PROMOTIONAL SETU UPS Leografic’s promotional set ups for food and retail outlets create an engaging shopping experience for customers, increasing brand visibility and influencing purchasing behaviour. The designs we produce are fully […]