Embossing on fabric

Embossing on fabric.

Embossing on fabric is an impressive personalisation technique, thanks to which it is possible to create three-dimensional effects and special textures, giving clothing and accessories a touch of elegance and originality.

This technique can be used on fabrics of all kinds, from silks to cottons, from synthetics to leathers, and allows you to create decorations that are soft to the touch and very durable.

Embossing is particularly popular in the field of haute couture, where it is used to create clothing and accessories of great elegance and refinement.
This technique lends itself perfectly to the creation of localised designs such as logos, lettering, geometric patterns and fascinating opticals effects.

Embossed + digital and screen printing

Embossing reaches its maximum expression when combined with digital printing or screen printing. These combinations further emphasise the details, giving the product an even more original and personalised look. It is possible to recreate designs coordinated with embossing with the support of digital printing or to create enrichments with foils or sprayed effects.