Vehicle decals

Vehicle decals and graphics for vans and company fleets: with Leografic, you can find complete customisation solutions and turn your vehicles into powerful brand promotion tools.

Customisation of vans and company vehicles

Customisation of stickers and graphics is ideal for making your company vehicles unique and increasing visibility. You can design your vehicle according to your wishes, adding your logo, text, images, and company data in various colours, materials, and sizes with pre-spaced stickers.
Our graphic designers design and create customised wraps for a wide range of vehicles, including motorbikes, city cars, cars, vans and trucks.

graphic rendering of vehicle stickers

Our graphic designers will produce a realistic rendering during the design phase to show you a preview of the final result. We use advanced technology and technical expertise to digitally print your Vehicle decals on the highest quality and extremely adherent materials.


Wrapping for vans and company vehicles

Wrapping for vans and company vehicles is a solution that allows high-quality customised graphics to be applied to the entire surface of vans or vehicles. The wrapping of company vehicles transforms your vehicle, offering a result with a strong aesthetic and communicative impact. You can request different types of film to protect your company vehicles and keep them in top condition.

customised car fleets and company fleets.

Our company can handle projects of any size, including fleet cars and company fleets. Thanks to highly qualified and dedicated installation teams, we are able to cover the entire Italian territory, including the islands. Our ability to extend our services nationwide allows us to meet the needs of companies with a widespread presence throughout Italy.