Print over Sequins

PRINT OVER SEQUINS Particularly suited to the world of haute couture, printed sequins are a form of personalisation with great visual impact.Thanks to sequins, it is indeed possible to create sophisticated and luminous decorations that embellish luxury clothing and accessories, creating true works of textile art.

High Frequency Print

high frequency printing High frequency printing is a process that offers many advantages for personalising fabrics and accessories.This technique makes it possible to create reliefs on fabrics, guaranteeing excellent performance and durability, thanks to its ability to shape the material without damaging it. Synthetics, leather, plastics and delicate fabrics that could be damaged by other […]

Embossing on fabric

Embossing on fabric. Embossing on fabric is an impressive personalisation technique, thanks to which it is possible to create three-dimensional effects and special textures, giving clothing and accessories a touch of elegance and originality. This technique can be used on fabrics of all kinds, from silks to cottons, from synthetics to leathers, and allows you […]

Rhinestones on fabric

Rhinestones on Fabric. Rhinestones on fabric have always been one of the most popular materials in the fashion world for the personalisation and embellishment of clothing and accessories. Thanks to their brightness and beauty, rhinestones are able to add a touch of brilliance and elegance to objects, making them unique and unmistakable.

Microbeads on Fabric

Microbeads on fabric: Caviar Printing Microbeads on fabric, more commonly known as caviar printing, is a screen printing technique that uses tiny beads made from a mixture of glass and polyester to create three-dimensional designs and patterns on fabric. Once the adhesive has been applied to the fabric, the beads are placed on the adhesive […]