Food Sector

customised shopping bags

Shopper in plastica Shopper in carta naturale Shopper in cartotecnica Shopper in polipropilene CUSTOMISED SHOPPING BAGS Customised shopping bags are the ideal way to effectively communicate and promote your brand. Our wide range of shopping bags are perfect for packaging your customers’ purchases or for use at trade shows and events. We manufacture our products […]

Promotional Set Ups

Frigo Vetrine brandizzate Frigo vetrina brandizzata Isola Promozionale Isola Promozionale Isola Promozionale Allestimento vetrina Frigorifero Brandizzato Vetrofania Punto vendita Testata Scaffale Pallet Cover PROMOTIONAL SETU UPS Leografic’s promotional set ups for food and retail outlets create an engaging shopping experience for customers, increasing brand visibility and influencing purchasing behaviour. The designs we produce are fully […]

Pop Communication for Retail

Flyer Sagomati Pendolini in Cartotecnica Rotair da Soffitto Rotair da Soffitto Tridimensionale Kit Natale in Cartotecnica Stopper con Gripper In Cartotecnica Cavalierino da Banco Porta Flyer Pendolini in Cartotecnica Manù autoportante sagomato da Banco Lacci per carrello Forex Sagomato da Banco Kit Promozionale POP COMMUNICATION FOR RETAIL Leografic’s POP communication elements for the food and […]

Bound Products and Printed Materials

Calendario a muro Calendario a Muro Cataloghi rilegati a mano Folder a 3 ante Catalogo con anelli e schede schede Folder a due ante Folder a tre ante calendario da tavolo cartella con alette catalogo con anelli e schede folder a 3 ante bound products and printed materials Leografic’s printed materials and bound products for […]

Totems for the food sector

Totem multimediale Totem ellittici in cartotecnica Totem da terra autoportante Pack giganti Desk multimediale touch Desk in communication Desk in reboard Desk con crowner in cartotecnica Angolare in Cartotecnica Espositore in Reboard TOTEMS FOR THE FOOD SECTOR Leografic’s food and large retail totems are manufactured using high quality materials and printed to help promote your […]

Displays for the food sector

Espositore in cartotecnica Espositore in Reboard Espositore in Communication Espositore Porta Leaflet Espositore Porta Leaflet Espositore da Banco Espositore in cartotecnica Espositore materiale durevole PST Espositori avvolgibili Roll Up Espositore in cartotecnica DISPLAYS FOR THE FOOD SECTOR Leografic’s displays for the food sector are the result of the use of high quality materials and printing […]