Screen Printing

Puff Print

puff print Puff print gives fabrics a unique tactile texture, creating a visual and sensory effect that grabs attention and makes each printed product unique. This technique is achieved by mixing additives into the ink, which swell as it dries to create a three-dimensional effect. puff screen printing on direct digital print “Matilde’s Mend” – […]

3-colour screen printing

3-colour screen printing on fabric Gives the finished product a unique result in terms of colour, texture and gloss. One of its main characteristics is its durability and robustness to the various stresses placed on it in the respective fields of application.

Corrosion Printing

CORROSION PRINTING Corrosion printing is a chemical technique that can be applied to fabrics previously dyed with pigments that can be corroded. It consists of applying a corrosive solution to the base of the fabric, creating a pattern by subtraction. It is therefore essential to use fabrics dyed with corrosive colours as a base. This […]