Puff Print

puff print

Puff print gives fabrics a unique tactile texture, creating a visual and sensory effect that grabs attention and makes each printed product unique.

This technique is achieved by mixing additives into the ink, which swell as it dries to create a three-dimensional effect.

puff screen printing on direct digital print

“Matilde’s Mend” – Ilaria Margutti

The use of mixed techniques, such as screen printing ‘puff’ on digital print, gives the fabrics a unique three-dimensionality and materiality. We experimented with this technique on one of our samples, recreating the artwork of Ilaria Margutti, a contemporary artist who, with her distinctive style, creates her works through embroidery.

This exploratory journey was undertaken with the idea of capturing and reproducing the refined details of Tombolo lace, a typical lace of the upper Tiber Valley. Our challenge was to capture every intricate element of this craftsmanship by means of silk screen printing.

Despite the complexity of creating such a detailed film and highly complex registration, we managed to achieve an extraordinary enrichment with sharp details, even in the mass production of the replicas.

Thanks to Ilaria Margutti for allowing us to use her work ‘Matilde’s Mend’ as a reference, which can be viewed in full at www.ilariamargutti.com